John Weathington, President & CEO of Excellent Management Systems, Inc.
  • Relationship Strategy
    Relationship Strategy

    "John has been a pleasure to work with on the board and in the Executive Committee. The more I’ve gotten to know John, the more I appreciate his skills." --Brett LaDove, Past President, Institute of Management Consultants

  • Behavioral Science
    Behavioral Science

    "I find it fantastic how I can just throw you into almost anything and you use your knowledge of process and technical organizations to do the job well." --Jennifer Selby Long, Owner, Selby Group

  • John Weathington
    John Weathington

    Top companies seek out John's expert insights, including: Visa, Paypal, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, HDS, Silicon Graphics, MCI, and CBS Interactive.

  • Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics

    "We appreciate your ability to quickly model the client’s landscape, and provide insightful data investigation, discovery, and statistical analysis." --Michael F. Mason, Partner, Hogan and Hartson

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    John helped Visa evolve its cardmember loyalty platform to enhance credit market adoption and attract large financial institutions to its loyalty offerings.

Innovation and Product Development

  • Achieve strategic goals and bring new products and services to life with high quality, cross-functional consensus, and customer-facing alignment.
  • Build a competitive edge by innovating with data and information products.

Thoughts on Innovation

Innovative Relationships

Innovation is the lifeblood of an organization, and a critical component of any organization’s strategy. Remember, strategy is anchored in the future—what will your future organization look like. Most likely, your organization’s future vision involves a different set of products and services than what’s in place today—but what about relationships? This is something I often see overlooked in a strategy, and it can make all the difference.

To be sure, let’s define relationship, in the context of your strategy. Relationships are basically free services. They belong on the same dimension as products and services—they are part of your basic offering which is matrixed with markets to determine and develop your offer/market mix (more commonly known as product/market mix, except I don’t like this terminology as there’s too much emphasis on physical products). Most likely relationships are either non-existent or very nuanced in your current strategy; if so, they need to be exposed.

When building the vision of your strategy, ask yourself what kind of relationships (i.e. free services) will be offered to your customers, then intentionally innovate in that direction.

When building the vision of your strategy, ask yourself what kind of relationships (i.e. free services) will be offered to your customers, then intentionally innovate in that direction. Information development is an area that’s attractive for relationships, as the operational costs should be relatively low. What would otherwise be strategic information services—in the literal sense of the phrase—can be easily recast as strategic information relationships. For instance, when I was at Visa, one of the questions we asked was, “what kind of information and analysis can we provide to our partners (gratis), that will build and fortify our relationship with them.”

Breakthrough relationships create loyal customers. So, if your customers mean anything to you, develop relationships with the same focus and diligence used to develop the products and services that support your business today. Contact us today if you’d like to chat more about your organization’s innovation or product development.

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International Program Development, PayPal

At PayPal (eBay), John worked with the marketing and product divisions in Europe to bring critical information systems and data analysis to support their strategic objectives. John worked closely with the product managers in Great Britian, to develop and deploy analysis and reports critical to the region; and concomitantly worked with product managers in France, Germany, and Italy to support their unique payment offerings.

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Claudia Fernandez, Quest Software

"...Mr. Weathington has worked with us on several projects over the past few years in support of product development and differentiation of our product lines. He always displays the utmost professionalism. We appreciate his conscience approach and feedback. He does an amazing job of understanding the scope of the products on which he works and is always very flexible in meeting our needs..."

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